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     Stretch Wrappers UK
     Unit 29
     Cavalier Close
     TA6 3WF

Stretch Wrappers UK offers a complete service for all of your machines as well as other manufactures. We have our own in house service engineers who are familiar with stretch wrappers and orbital / spiral wrappers from:-

Stretch Wrappers UK






Our service is second to none. We are not a company that just sells stretch wrappers and then thatís the sale over, thatís when the relationship begins. We offer fast, economic after sales service, both in terms of repair and service of your stretch wrappers.

In the unlikely event you need to call upon us to help with a problem, we have highly trained engineers who are there to first assist you over the phone and then on site if required.

To give you some idea of how competitive we are, our standard service for a semi automatic turntable stretch wrapper is £250, no matter where you are in the country.

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