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     Stretch Wrappers UK
     Unit 29
     Cavalier Close
     TA6 3WF

Fully Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper


For users of up to 40 pallets per hour, this fully automatic turntable stretch wrapper is the ideal entry to pallet wrapper automation.

This model has powered out feed conveyor and powered conveyorized turntable system and is able to transport a wrapped load from the turntable to the out feed conveyor. The stretch wrapper automatically detects the product, the film is automatically attached, automatically wrapped and cut, allowing the operator to do other tasks. This arrangement eliminates the need for operators to place unwrapped loads on the floor, then pick them up again when the turntable is clear.

The brand new fully automatic turntable stretch wrapper is even more compact and versatile, it allows the wrapping of the load through the combined action of the table rotation and the vertical movement of the reel-holder, whose performances can reach a pre-stretch up to 400%.

Possibility of 90 configuration

Cutting & Sealing Gripper Unit


At the end of the wrapping cycle, the film tail perfectly adheres to the pallet by means of the efficiency of the cutting and sealing gripper unit.

Thanks to the lifting contrast bar action, fitted as  standard on all Stretch Wrappers UK machines, the sealing unit never comes into contact with the palletised product and the welding of the film tail results more resistant. 

Load Stability and Roping Device


Greater load stability is achieved by Easy Round because it is able to wrap most of the wooden pallet without putting in a pallet lifter.

This stabilization can be  then made even  better by the roping device,  which is fitted on the reel carriage and  creates a thick film cord  for fixing steadily the upper part of the load to the pallet.

Integrated Top Sheet Dispenser


This machine can be equipped with the top sheet device to protect the load with polyethylene film and ensure the waterproof cycle.
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