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     Stretch Wrappers UK
     Unit 29
     Cavalier Close
     TA6 3WF

Stretch Wrappers UK, not only offers you the best option for stretch wrappers, but we can also supply all of your conveyor requirements.

uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PR-001_.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PR-002.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PW-001___.jpg
P.V.C Roller flexible conveyor Expandaveyor package roller end stop. P.V.C Skatewheel flexible conveyor.
uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PW-002.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PW-003.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PW-004.jpg
package plate end stop. Expandaveyor standard pull handles. Expandaveyor connecting hooks.
uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-PW-005.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-ZR40-001.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-ZR40-002.jpg
Flexible conveyor: wrapping application. Steel roller flexible with knee brace. Flexible conveyors in distribution centre.
uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-ZR50-001_.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/08/Flexible-Conveyor-ZW-001.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/10/Flexible-Conveyor-PW-006.jpg
Roller 1100mm wide flexible conveyor. Bright zinc plated skatewheel model. Flexible P.V.C skatewheel model.
uploads/images/2008/12/10/Flexible-Conveyor-ZR50-003.jpg uploads/images/2008/12/11/Flexible-Conveyor-PR-003.jpg  
Wide multi-lane steel roller model.    

Modular Conveyors

Our extensive Tru-Trak range of Plastic modular belt conveyors suit many industries from bakeries to material handling distribution centres.
Used in many arduous environments from sub zero conditions up to temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. They are especially useful for heavy side loading or off loading along its length. The direct sprocket drive ensures no tracking problems, whatever the belt width or length. It also eliminates any belt slippage and because it allows the belt to run loose dramatically reduces load on the drive shaft bearings. This in turn reduces power requirements. With the all round low friction properties of these conveyors the outstanding feature must be long life expectancy with minimal maintenance.

Flexible Conveyors

Highly mobile, extremely flexible the Expandaveyor can be moved, stretched out and positioned in minutes. Simply wheel it out and expand it straight or around bends to suit your needs. When finished just close the unit up and store away. This flexible conveyor has lattice sideframes which enable it to be stretched around corners or even tight bends with ease. These machines can be used on their own or to supplement existing installations in stores, warehouses or assembly lines.
Our flexible conveyors can be fitted with low inertia plastic or steel skatewheels, plastic or steel rollers, mild steel and stainless steel bearings are available, allowing all types of goods to be accommodated.
Standard Duty and Heavy Duty models available. Powered roller model available.

Gravity Conveyors

Stretch Wrappers UK offer a large range of gravity roller conveyors for almost any application or industry. These gravity conveyors can offer a cost effective simple solution for most conveying requirements. The mini roller 100 series is capable of handling product as small as 75mm long and our 900 series are able to handle fully loaded pallets.
Many types of rollers and side frame materials are available including aluminium and stainless steel, to suit general, hygienic or food grade applications. The popular 700 series gravity conveyor is a formed steel side frame with spring loaded rollers, offering a smooth aesthetically pleasing side frame. For maximum versatility speedtrack is available in modular straight sections, bends, spiral bends, gates and merges.

Conveyor Systems

Stretch Wrappers UK offer a wide variety of power-driven roller conveyors to compliment its range, allowing the supply, design and installation of a complete conveyor system. The powered roller conveyor includes: accumulation lineshaft, positive chain driven roller and positive contact belt under rollers. All these conveyors are supplied in modular sections, flexibility in design ensure ease of installation, which allow future extension to any system.
In addition to standard bends, corners, merges and gates Stretch Wrappers UK offer many pneumatically operated options such as intermediate stops, brakes and transfers. Fully integrated control panels incorporating bar code scanning enabling sortation and stock control. Call one of our team to discuss your application.


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